Exquisite interaction is interaction in which the participants collaborate at an exquisite level of detail to determine the formation and transformation of artifacts. This idea traces its history to the parlor game of Exquisite Corpse, but exquisite interaction makes parallel what is serial in Exquisite Corpse. In Dance.Draw, exquisite interaction is achieved by using the motions of the dancers as input to a visualization which is projected in real-time on a screen or wall behind the dancers. Sometimes a dancer’s motion controls one or two objects individually, but the interaction becomes exquisite when all of the dancers’ motions combine to control something more complex and interesting.

The Dance.Draw project is a collaboration at UNC Charlotte, between Dr. Celine Latulipe and Dr. David Wilson in the Software and Information Systems Department and Professor Sybil Huskey from the Department of Dance. Of course, each project also fully engages the dancers, who experience more involvement in the development and choreography of the production than is typical.

For more information, please explore the links at the top of this page. This work is supported by NSF CreativeIT Award#IIS-0855882. It is also supported by the UNC Charlotte Department of Software and Information Systems, the UNC Charlotte Center for Humanities, Technology and Science, the UNC Charlotte Department of Dance, by the Charlotte Visualization Center and by Gray’s College Bookstore.

There is also more information about related creativity work by Dr. Celine Latulipe at Exquisite Interaction.

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Exquisite Interaction

The movements of the visualizations are artifacts in real-time of the movements of the dancers. They draw while they dance, they dance together and they draw together. Every performance generates a new visual imprint.